The A Team




Even before Patricia received her Bachelor Degree in Psychology and Finance from New York University, she got job offers from companies like Amazon and a social enterprise funded by Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation headquartered in the heart of Manhattan, on 5th Avenue.

She joined the latter as the first-ever Asian to oversee the branding strategy and local partnerships within the whole Asia Pacific region. Shortly after joining, brand exposure increased by over 200%, and long-term business partners increased by over threefold within 9 months.

In 2013, Patricia worked at BBDO TAIWAN headquarter and took charge of western brands'  localization strategies including, VISA, Rogaine, etc. In 2014, She was invited to join the Planning & Strategy team at McCann Erickson in Berlin, Germany and created a themed-cover for the World Cup that year.

Proficient in 5 languages, including German, English, Japanese, Mandarin Chinese, and Cantonese.

After living in New York City for the past 10 years, Patricia decided to bring this fast-casual metropolitan lifestyle & eating habits back to Asia, especially in Shanghai, where she found that most young people can't afford to live or eat delicately and freely. She is passionate and determined to advocate this DUMBO ORIGINAL lifestyle to the youth here and to cultivate more people to join this campaign of 「DUMBO EMBRACE」 



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  • Lived in Shanghai and Suzhou, Jiangsu area for the past 15 years; Originally from Dubai, UAE
  • Full stack and Blockchain developer&specialist
  • Former lead developer at Digital Creative agency